One of the most commonly found STI’s are genital warts. They are a particularly unpleasant infection that can affect both male and female when they are sexually active. The problem is caused by something called HPV (human papillomavirus). Even if you are using a condom, you may still see these warts appear on other parts of your body. Although they are not usually painful, they are very unsightly. They are also extremely infectious, particularly if you do not have just one sexual partner.

How can I prevent catching genital warts?

A vaccination against HPV is now given in some secondary schools but they best way to avoid genital warts infecting your body is to stick with a steady single sexual partner. Always using a condom may also help, although they may appear on any part of the genital area.

How will I know if I have genital warts?

If you find small lumps that look like warts in your genital region, even if they are not painful, they may be genital warts. Occasionally they can itch and bleed but often there are no symptoms apart from the fact that they look unsightly and can be uncomfortable if they rub against your clothing. They can even appear inside the vagina or anus or on the penis.

If I visit a doctor will he give me a physical examination? In order to be sure that the growths on your body are genital warts and nothing else, your doctor will possibly want to carry out a physical examination around the genital area, including the anus, vagina and penis.

How can I get rid of the warts?

It is not possible to get rid of the virus that causes these unpleasant warts but your doctor can remove them by freezing them off. Alternatively, it is possible to obtain cream on prescription which can be used at home to gradually get rid of the warts. Warticon cream is an effective wart removal medicine which contains something called podophyllotoxin.

Where can I get Warticon cream from?

You can obtain Warticon cream from a doctor or purchase it online from a safe and reputable pharmacy. If you decide to purchase online, a doctor should check your symptoms before prescribing you with the correct ointment via prescription. If you use Warticon, it may take up to four weeks to effectively get rid of the genital warts. If after this period you still have a problem then you should get it checked out with a doctor or get another online discreet medical consultation.

The best way to deal with genital warts is to do your best to avoid catching them. Stick with the same sexual partner, use condoms and make use of any HPV vaccination that may be offered to you.